The following examples demonstrate how our customers successfully utilize MAGMASOFT® in order to realize better casting quality, cost savings or reduction of development times.

There’s Still Untapped Potential: Improved Yield by Optimized Feeder Geometry With MAGMASOFT®

Fundimig produces high-quality castings from ductile iron using exothermic cylindrical sleeves. ... read more

Reoxidation Inclusions in a Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Reoxidation inclusions form in steels & stainless steels during mold filling as the metal comes ... read more

Mold-Filling Defects in Gray and Ductile Iron

In cast iron production, dross formation, gas defects, and oxide films are all heavily ... read more

Overcoming Shrink Without Tooling Changes in Investment Casting

When one of their high-production lever castings was returned by the machine shop for ... read more

Quickly Resolving Leaks with Investment Casting Simulation

When leak defects were discovered in some of their pump gland castings, engineers at Acra Cast ... read more

Creating Robust Processes with MAGMASOFT® and Expertise

Low-pressure die casting processes enable efficient production. ... read more

A Large Step Ahead: Conserving Natural Resources, Exploiting Economic Opportunities

With this goal in mind, the Indonesian company Preformed Line Products (PLP Indonesia) has been ... read more

Less Is Not Always More: Reduce Porosity With Geometry Optimization

Hyundai WIA wants what all manufacturing companies want: optimum component quality combined ... read more