MAGMASOFT® - Implementation of New Innovative Technologies in education system is on-going process that has great impact when integrated with their curriculum with a specific objective of improving skills of the students. Most of the research reports indicate that the new technologies highly influence the student’s academic performance in content learning with multi skill development activities. Casting simulation software is one of the important tool for Metallurgical / Mechanical Engineers to understand the entire process which also help in Mini/Major project applications.

MAGMA has technical collaborations with Major reputed institutes worldwide and also working with many Research centers to strengthen the capabilities of the software. We, now introduced  MAGMA Academy for academic institutes with an intention to create  the awareness about casting simulation through our “MAGMA Academy” and offer to the Educational institutes which is designed only for academic purpose with a specific objective. 

MAGMA Academic license will help to understand the actual foundry process virtually in the simulation software in their Engineering curriculum itself, which  helps  the students to understand the casting process in advance and will help the new generation to choose the bright future in their respective field. MAGMAacademy offers a wide range of opportunities to the Foundry Industry and related Academic Institutions by offering Trainings, Workshops & Technical seminars to explore the importance of the Virtual experimentation today with the help of MAGMASOFT® – Casting Simulation Software. 

Now MAGMA introduced its New Optimization Methodology i.e. Design of Experiments [DOE]. A student can experience virtual experimentation and automatic optimization  on-screen  for the first time and can play with their own ideas / designs to  decide best solution in component design itself. This new methodology can help Engineers to Optimize the Casting process, improve the design, so as to achieve the right casting at first time.

Integration of New Technologies in Academic Applications

  • New Technologies can have the greatest impact when integrated into the curriculum to achieve clear, measurable educational objectives.
  • New technologies can enable the development of critical thinking skills when students use technology presentation and communication tools to present, publish, and share results of projects.
  • New Technologies helps in Content area learning, Higher-order thinking and problem solving skill development and Better employment opportunities.
  • The research indicates the need for understanding the combined efforts necessary for technology to positively influence student’s academic performance as well as useful in linking work experiences with academic subjects.
  • Design process & its complexity…!!
  • New technologies helps
    • To predict the overview of metal casting processes,
    • Helps to predict the physical phenomena in casting manufacturing feasibility.
    • Helps to predict design issues involved in metal casting design.
    • Helps in understanding the behavior of the component in advance.

Academic License:

MAGMASOFT® Academic license helps to understand the actual foundry process virtually in the simulation software and to train the students the use of casting process simulation, to gain exposure in simulation software and to promote learning of casting process through simulation technology. Also guide the new generation to choose their bright future in their respective field. 

R & D with Universities:

Our resources in these Research & Development process of MAGMASOFT® are divided into strong local presence by our Scientists and University Professors.

Our know-how is not only to build our systems but is also “packaged” in projects aimed to highlight wasteful activities and to find optimized ways to help maximize the efficiency of the Research Laboratories. The scope of these R&D can be tailored to the needs of the foundry but have one thing in common: they are all designed to target some of the most common difficulties that foundries struggle with.

We have Metallurgists and Professors in house at our disposal, combined with own developed state of the art Metallurgical tool and a Metallurgical laboratory. The laboratory has direct contact with Research Centre’s , Universities & Foundries, exchanging ideas in the field with customers, studying their production processes, and offers much more than mere laboratory tests. Over time, this way of working has proven to be very successful enabling us to become not only an accurate lab, but also a real point of reference for all issues linked to our customers’ processes and finished product quality.

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