Casting process simulation with MAGMASOFT® aids in the casting design process by allowing designers to determine the manufacturability, final properties, and estimated costs associated with the production of a given casting design early in the design process. By analyzing for potential defects early in the design phase, the costs associated with eliminating these defects are also greatly reduced. Casting process simulation with MAGMASOFT® during the casting design process:

  • It enables leaps in innovation, as it allows for the consideration of the economic feasibility of proposed designs.
  • It can quickly analyze various proposed design alternatives to make decisions such as whether a feature on a casting should be cast as part of the design or if it should be machined in later.
  • It allows designers to optimize designs by ensuring the desired material properties without maintaining excessive safety margins, i.e., casting weights can be reduced.
  • It allows for the comprehensive development of the casting, gating system, and process parameters.
  •  It identifies any defect potential early using filling and solidification simulations.
  • Increases the communication between development, production, management, sales and casting buyers to ensure that castable parts are produced according to customer specifications and in a timely manner.

The design process of cast components is driven by more than just functionality. Meeting other key criteria such as cost-effectiveness, resource efficiency, castability, process robustness and quality in a minimum of time presents fundamental challenges during the stages of component conception and design.

The integrated methodologies of MAGMASOFT®, with its latest version, facilitate the collaboration of casting designers and supply chain managers with experts from production – supporting Simultaneous Engineering or Integrated Product Development processes systematically, efficiently and intelligibly.

With MAGMASOFT®’s unique built-in methodologies for virtual Designs of Experiments and Autonomous Optimization, the software automatically runs and assesses various casting design and process parameter combinations. This enables casting designers and manufacturing experts to source and evaluate possible design options comprehensively and take secured decisions in an early development phase.

The seamless integration of MAGMASOFT® into CAE environments delivers strategic and competitive advantages, by providing systematic knowledge on dependencies and variations of the manufacturing process in the early stages of conception and design. MAGMASOFT® allows risk assessment through virtual validation of product requirements against manufacturing robustness long before design approval.

In this way, MAGMASOFT® is instrumental to secured decision-making and continuous improvement processes, ensuring the weight saving potential of cast part designs as well as reliable and robust production processes – exploiting the full potential of casting technology.

MAGMASOFT® reads and writes CAD information using neutral data formats and direct interfaces. Results can easily be exchanged with performance or crash simulation. Modern VR technologies are supported.

Connecting Worlds: Simulation for Casting Part Designers

Casting designers agree that the use of casting process simulation in the early casting development phase offers the greatest benefits. This is because the direct inspection of new casting designs through simulation ensures that all components leaving the development department are suitable for casting and can be manufactured in an economical process.

MAGMASOFT® has designed its casting process simulation solutions in a conceptual and technical way, so that they improve the collaboration of casting designers with the downstream production chain.

MAGMASOFT® ensures that geometries can be easily imported via interfaces and interactive geometry editing. The screenshot shows an exploded view of the geometry of a casting to be simulated, from which the dies and side cores for production can be derived.

CAD interfaces for fast feedback loops between development and production

For the analysis of newly developed castings, MAGMASOFT® offers CAD interfaces to import the neutral data formats STL, STEP and ACIS.sat as well as direct interfaces for CATIA V5 and PRO/E.

This allows casting geometries to be easily and quickly imported, and checked by MAGMASOFT®. Changes to the casting, which are implemented in a CAD program based on simulation results, can in turn be checked rapidly by MAGMASOFT® for effectiveness. This allows rapid and short feedback loops between casting development and production.

FE analysis of simulated castings

All MAGMASOFT® results are available for other CAE programs and can be transferred to FE meshes for load simulations.

Transfer of calculated local fatigue strength from MAGMASOFT® to an FE mesh

Supported simulation programs include: 

  • LMS Falancs
  • I-DEAS

 Experience Design: Simulation in 3D

  • In order to further optimize the communication between casting development and production, simulation results and geometries can be presented and “experienced” in three dimensions using virtual reality technologies.
  • Uses “Active Stereo Shutter” and anaglyph technology allowing for castings and casting processes to be viewed in “Real 3D”.

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