In our wide spectrum of MAGMASOFT® trainings, you as a user learn how to handle the software and make efficient use of it. By adopting the MAGMA APPROACH, we help you develop a methodical procedure for the systematic and efficient use of MAGMASOFT®.

  • How can you reach a robust process layout and optimize processes in your company with MAGMASOFT®?
  • Which options are available to you for reaching your goals?
  • Which criteria can you use to measure the improvements?
  • How do you focus on the most important influencing parameters?
  • How do you proceed to reach your goals in the most efficient way?
  • Which measures do you take and how do you track their implementation?

By systematically adopting the MAGMA APPROACH, you learn about the target-oriented use of MAGMASOFT®. Groups with a maximum of six participants ensure that you benefit from educational offerings that are individual as well as intensive.


In different dedicated training courses, which are based on each other, you learn working with MAGMASOFT® and make efficient use of it.

You will first attend a basic training course and will then receive a special process-oriented training (e.g. for iron, steel or high pressure die casting). By taking these training courses, you will learn how to use simulation and autonomous engineering for specific casting processes as well as for specific materials based on practical examples.

It provides the foundation for defining and managing the Project, Geometry, Mesh, Definition, Simulation and Result perspectives related to respective Die casting and Sand mold casting process modules. This course gives users at every level the performance edge to examine the filling and solidification process.

As an introduction, you take part in a basic training course, which gives you the basic knowledge for the daily work with MAGMASOFT®. The focus of this training is on the basic approach and safe handling of the software. With the MAGMA APPROACH, you will learn a methodical approach to systematically use MAGMASOFT® for your questions within the company.

The basic training is divided into Sand casting, Die casting as well as High pressure die casting, Low pressure die casting.


  • Design and use of the software
  • Basic definitions in MAGMASOFT®
  • Preparation of test plans
  • Carry out solidification and filling simulations
  • Introduction to the evaluation of simulation results
  • Communication of the decision and initiation of the measures

Duration: 4 days

Prerequisite: Basic Process Knowledge (Recommended)


It provides the groundwork in focusing user's respective Die casting/Sand casting process knowledge, such as Phase diagram, Metallurgy, Casting properties, Melt treatment, Convection & Segregation behavior, Multi phase shot curve effects etc. This course will give the users at every level the means and opportunity to master simulation technology, to design sound castings, to optimize process parameters and to create robust system in their foundry. 

The 'Advance Training' builds on the basic training and focuses on deepening the application for a particular material or process. We recommend that you complete the 'Advance Training' immediately after the basic training.


  • Use of the module-specific software possibilities
  • Development of material and process-specific content
  • Detailed evaluation of the results
  • Targeted assessment of partial results and measures
  • Learn more advanced features of the software

 Duration: 4 days

 Prerequisite: Basic training

It is aimed at users who have already worked with MAGMASOFT® and now want to change to latest MAGMASOFT® Release 5.x version. All significant new features/functions are presented in this course. The new possibilities of examples will be discussed in detail in practical exercises.

The 'Update Training' focuses on your specific application cases and provides you with the methodological approach to design an efficient and robust solution for your questions.

Duration: usually 3 days

Prerequisite: Basic & Advance training


For MAGMA Users:   

It is aimed at users who have already worked with MAGMASOFT®  basic and advanced trainings and now want to learn/upgrade different modules like Stress, c+m (core + mold), Die life, Heat Treatment. All significant new features/ functions are presented in this course. The new possibilities of examples will be discussed in detail in practical exercises.

Duration: usually 3 days

Prerequisite: Basic & Advance training


For Non - MAGMA Users: 

It provides a platform involving specialized trainings for Non- MAGMA Users covering important aspects on Result Interpretation and other collaterals like Result generation, Simulation Report Analysis etc. Understanding what-to-look and what-to-ask and new possibilities of examples will be discussed in detail in practical exercises.

This training can be tailored exclusively for Casting Buyers as per their need on case-to-case basis.

Click Here to know more information on trainings for Casting Buyers.

Duration: usually 3 days

Prerequisite: Foundry Process Knowledge

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