International Conference & Exhibition on "Steel, Industrial Materials & Non-Metallics" | New Delhi

4/25/19 - 4/26/19

The Materials Summit 2019 will focus mainly on the application-oriented topics related to the Heavy Industries like Oil & Gas Production facilities, Refineries & Petrochemicals, Pipeline, Power & Energy Sector, Automobiles, and Infrastructure etc. It will try to cover various metallurgy & materials related topics like Mineral Processing, Steel/ Iron Making, Steel Developments, Foundry & Casting, Forging, Rolling, Advanced materials, Ni-alloys, Cu-alloys, Al-alloys, Duplex material, CRA’s, Plastic Materials, Composite, Material Selection, Physical & Mechanical Properties, Pipeline Material, Automobile Material, Heat Treatment, Metal Forming, Failure Analysis etc.

The conference is going to bring together experts from academia, industries, research & development organizations and professional societies for sharing of knowledge, expertise, new technologies/ developments, Innovations, and experience in the emerging trends related to Steels and advanced materials for the Industry. The plenary lectures will be delivered by eminent personalities of international repute to introduce the theme of the conference.


MAGMA India Team is participating & presenting two different technical papers at the event on the topics "Automatic Virtual Optimization of Ingot & Continuous Casting Processes using MAGMASOFT  ®" and "Stresses in sand casting – analysis and optimized solutions for improved casting designs and product quality using MAGMASOFT  ®" with various aspects being covered based on case study examples and success stories of MAGMA worldwide customers.

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